About Us 

The story so far

Love’s Farm Church began meeting in September 2015 to try and imagine how church might work on a new community.  We were just 7 adults and 6 children to begin with and launched ‘Breakfast Church’ in October 2015 in the new community centre, opened in the same month.   From the outset we sought to be a place where people who weren’t used to going to church would feel comfortable.  

We try and make our welcome warm and relaxed.  We want whoever comes to feel as though this is somewhere they could belong.  

As a church we meet at the heart of our community and seek to have the community at the heart of the church – so we’re involved in lots of community based activities through the week.  

Three key words express the heart of what we hope for as a church on Love’s Farm: community, encounter and discipleship.

Community is really important to us, both the one that gathers on a Sunday morning and the wider Love’s Farm and Wintringham community that we’re part of.  Encounter also matters because we believe that faith is not the absence of doubt but something much more dynamic, involving relationship and journey.  So faith is not something we either have or don’t have; it’s a journey that we’re on and a relationship we’re a part of.  

The word Christian is only used three times in the Bible whereas disciple is used over 260 times.  Jesus invites us to become his disciples – which means apprentice or learner.  When we get together on a Sunday, we try to work out what following Jesus looks like – learning to live and love and walk and work like he did. So community – encounter – discipleship are words that we’ll often refer back to.

This is our story so far – and we call it that because we know there are chapters still to be written.  And we don’t say it’s ‘our’ story alone because it belongs to whoever becomes a part of this ‘community – encounter – discipleship’ journey that we’re on!